That One Idea

That One Idea is a corporate track that evokes images of inspirational effort and development of a single unique idea. The music starts slowly in anticipation to represent an idea coming to live. Then the track builds to... Read More

Her Victory

Her Victory is a cinematic composition that represents a moment of emotional victory where all the pieces of the puzzle fall together within a story. The music represents high passion, a joyful moment, love and overcomi... Read More

Dracula’s Dance

Dracula's Dance is a fun, scary tune. The piece is ready-made for advertising or commercial, animation/cartoon, TV and radio purposes. The music is mainly led by the piano and spiccato strings. During playback, the tempo ... Read More

Reflective Dreams

Reflective Dreams is a slow paced introspective piece of music, mainly led by a grand piano with an ambient nature. The music calls for scenery of what could be a dream, a moment of deja vu, a flashback or perhaps to su... Read More

The Funny Jester

The Funny Jester is ready-made for a comedic, light and fun mood. Imagine the scenery of a clown or jester who is acting out goofy and making children laugh. Perhaps he is juggling balls or making animal balloons, or may... Read More

Oasis of Eden

Oasis of Eden is a sunny, light and happy tune. When you listen to it, it feels like seeing someone dancing happily on clouds, jumping up and down. Or perhaps running through a blossoming flower field. The music gives t... Read More

Turn of the Tide

Turn of the Tide starts slow-paced giving the listener a feel of anticipation and reflectiveness. Toward the one-minute mark a graceful, unexpected transformation takes place within the music, presenting a sense of aware... Read More

Evil Plan

Imagine a vicious character or a mad professor who is scheming and plotting his very dark and twisted Evil Plan. The music paces the dark thoughts that the character is having in a suspenseful way to have the music endin... Read More

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a calming, modern driven pop instrumental carrying an emotion of calmness and reflectiveness. The music is suitable for emotional, spiritual and tranquil sorts of projects. Feel free to contact me if you... Read More

Into The City

Into the City is a corporate tech theme suitable for a tech review, advertising, product promotion, or to support video blogging content. If you would like to have a loop of a specific part of the music, please contact ... Read More